Monday, March 12, 2012

Return of Vorp! Not on Facebook... but Where?

Remember Vorp?  END Games started with Vorp, our little space meets DotA game, a little over a year ago.  It's kind of been--well to be frank--it's been gathering dust in a corner for a few months.  Which personally made me sad because it's so damn sexy and bad ass!

We put it on Facebook thinking we might make a splash with a "real game" on the social network. What we soon learned though is most everyone just simply doesn't go to Facebook for that kind of experience.  Although we had some good metrics on players who discovered the game enjoying it, it also became apparent we would need to find a better home for it before investing much more time into.

Well I can say today that we are officially starting development on Vorp again, this time with a new home and partner much more suited to hosting it as a competitive online game in a browser and growing our little alpha baby to its full grown potential. 

Where to?  Well can't give everything away in just one blog post, can we?  But I can say they're an awesome group and we've been enjoying working together so far, and our team is very excited to return to an old flame.

We'll be talking more details soon.  In the meantime I wanted to give a little heads up to our first wave of fans who loved Vorp so much... it's about to be gone from Facebook.  It's about to come back in a big way in a better place.  I can't wait!!!

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