Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Real Life Science: The Best Ideas for Game Design

This post is for aspiring game designers out there.

The diversity of life in our world provides an endless source of inspiration for designing gameplay elements.  If you're ever at a loss for ideas for creatures or characters, just spend some time googling around through the oft ignored corners of the animal kingdom.   You'll almost always come across something truly fantastic you can use/build ideas around.  For example:

Why Pea Aphids Are The Most Awesome Organism

"It can reproduce sexually or asexually, can breed winged or unwinged babies, and is also a symbiote.  ... some of the genes crucial to the life cycle of the aphid are actually stored outside its body, in the genome of its symbiont"

How cool is that?  Now imagine what would happen if Pea Aphids evolved to a human size and developed the sentience to pilot interstellar space craft... yikes!