Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An END Games Mantra: Product Evolution through Natural Market Selection

To our awesome fans and industry followers-

As many of you have noticed and inquired about, we haven't said much publicly in 2011 about what END Games is up to. However, since we're getting close to an early alpha release of our first title, we thought it might be time to break the ice and introduce our philosophy to you all.

Every founder and team member at END Games has at least 5-10+ years of experience building large scale MMOs and online games. When we founded END Games, we saw it as a new opportunity to apply everything we've learned in the past decade, as well as adopt some best practices from innovative businesses we admire such as LEGO, Pixar, Netflix, and Google.

We came together as a team at the start of 2011 to hammer out a concrete company vision and goals for the studio, including operating in true agile fashion. One of our central beliefs is:

We believe in product evolution through natural market selection.

Sounds like corporate speak. What does this mean?

Put simply: This means we're turning the game development cycle upside down. We're going to invite our player communities into our experiences MUCH earlier in development than the industry would normally do. We're going to be very transparent about what we're planning, what's working, and what issues we face, so our players can help us make the best design and development choices.

Games will be free to play at these early stages to learn if a concept has an audience or if it just doesn't click. Business models will evolve with game features and content over time. As a player, you can choose to get as immersed as you feel like in our games, whether that means continuing to play in free modes casually or spending a few coins on the games you find you just can't stop playing.

We believe the best ideas that have some magic and fun about them will continue to grow and find fans. Any ideas that don't work, we'll simply move past quickly. Let the community decide if any game should ever reach its 5th year of development!

Since we want to involve you all in creating the game experiences you want to see, we want to ask the following of you:

If you like our games, let us know and tell your friends... we promise there will be no end to their improvement and evolution.

If you don't like an END Games experience, tell us why not and what we could do to make it better.

The bottom line? We want you to know what to expect when we open access to any of our games:

Every game from END is another beginning.

Join us on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ENDGamesEntertainment to keep up with the latest news developments, and let's have fun!


The END Games Team